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Business process outsourcing or KPO

Let's talk about the difference between business process outsourcing BPO and KPO. The abbreviation of KPO is Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

KPO means to outsource a process that in one sense requires knowledge. As an example when a process needs to be automated, and you required employees to be proactive on behalf of the company and not just to follow simple procedures.

So, in that sense you will need a Knowledge process outsourcing company that provides the expertise with specific high skills.

BPO means business process outsourcing that in fact is to implement a business process using the current customer infrastructure but utilizing outsourcing services .

As an example you might be currently running several processes in your company, as an example accounts payable, accounts receivable, software development and all these processes has different objectives that needs to be accomplishing utilizing the current infrastructure, meaning same software platforms. That is when business process outsourcing provides full support to the current business environment, because it provides skilled professionals with lower cost.

But what about a business process outsourcing company like Uthos, can they do KPO?

Absolutely, as the experts in the area of software development and finance outsourcing services, we help our customer by providing value added solutions at all time, meaning apply our expertise to produce productivity enhancements.

KPO in the future among doing also software development, could provide besides other business process outsourcing companies, research and development, clinical research and data acquisition as example.

At as a business process outsourcing company can hire a dedicated team of software developers with the purpose to build a long term relationship with the clients. The same happens with finance business process outsourcing, as our legacy is to provide our expertise of using software like SAP FICO or Oracle and provide the necessary support the operations needs, reducing the cost and providing excellent quality drivers.

At Uthos we drive for innovation, we look to have value added solutions when we sign a contract with the customer, our outsourcing services becomes key drivers of productivity and revenue increase.

Business process outsourcing is an strategic decision that makes sense.


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