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IT outsourcing identifying the cost

Do you know how much your project cost? Understanding the true cost of your projects and dedicated headcount helps to provide a clear decision taken process to find an IT outsourcing provider.

It is very common that we take in consideration several cost aspects like hours in the project or dedicated resources and the salary that we pay them, among with traveling, and other expenses. But what about so more deep cost structure, that normally we do not take in consideration like electricity, phone, water, office supplies, computer, high speed internet, other benefits besides salary, car space and put them into a project cost. These are all expenses that any company needs to take in consideration when hiring an employee or either way to consider as part of the expenses of a project. Well, let me tell you that is very common that we do not take in considerations these expenses, but one thing is for sure that you will expend money in what we call indirect expenses. That is when IT outsourcing plays an important role in the company profitability.

IT outsourcing provides an empower strategy to keep the level of synchronization required between the in home and offshore development teams. IT outsourcing provides an excellent cost structure that helps in many cases get the required development engineers and reducing the cost, and make the company project successful.

We know the IT budgets are tight, and also, the requirements are growing as automation and software development plays an important role in the company's innovation strategy.

Understanding deeply with the Finance organization the cost involves beyond salaries and direct expenses, is simply a good approach to pursue for a good project cost understanding. IT outsourcing is a good business partner, to guarantee cost reduction and obtain the results expected, in a very competitive word, outsourcing IT is growing every year and emerging markets like Costa Rica is playing an important role. Costa Rica is a country were you can find excellent development engineers, with the required expertise, cultural ties with US and a very small flying distance. Outsourcing IT plays a critical role in the economy of Costa Rica as software IT outsourcing is playing an important role of the software exports. Outsourcing IT in Costa Rica provides the advantage to have a dedicated development team working during the US central time zone. Daily meetings with your Outsourcing IT team can be performed at the best convenient time and during the days the same communication process can be maintain.

IT outsourcing makes sense, especially when considering doing in Costa Rica .


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