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The companies are the same as the species, most adapt and evolve in the current environment or the species will die. The emerging trend is that innovation provides capabilities and competencies to perform smarts outsourcing offshore .

In the latest centuries it was about increasing productivity and brings the labor to where the work is. Now smartsourcing is about providing a second-generation of outsourcing, where leverage competencies, provides company grow and increase capacity for innovation. The solution goes where the high qualified work force is located, in this case outsourcing offshore .

In today globalize word, the pressure on cost reductions and value added, provides the offshore outsourcing companies an advantage to become global and increase the networking to become successful in the outsourcing offshore industry.

Focus the company energy and resources in the core business, is a key objective to achieve company grow and provide the resources to innovate. By doing offshore outsourcing you can get the necessary resources focus, to start growing strategically in a globalize word, where the fight to get customer is about giving that extra value in the service or solutions provide. Also you need to reduce cost, that can be obtain by offshore outsourcing, as the cost to drive innovation is high, specially in the technology environment.

Facing the challenges of globalization, is about going on the same trend, and not going against it. Offshore outsourcing provides a variety of solutions where one of the most significant players are the decision making process. If it takes to much time, other competitors will be doing offshore outsourcing, reducing the cost and getting focus on innovation. Time really matters in every industry, especially when talking about competitors. Offshore outsourcing is not new. The 500 fortune companies performs the offshore outsourcing principles and it's an important part of their business strategy for grow and revenue increase.

Offshore outsourcing drives the company to perform smartsourcing, as the company will look for the work force location and where more advantages will receive. The word is becoming smaller with the internet communications the distance is a click between the customer and the outsourcing offshore location.

Offshore outsourcing is a strategy that comes together with smartsourcing.


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