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Human Capital of Outsourcing Costa Rica

Outsourcing Costa Rica will remain as a major outsourcing center. An important fact is the Human Capital that the country provides.

Puberty has been substantially reduced over the past 15 years. Education is mandatory for all population up to 9 th grade; Outsourcing Costa Rica provides intellectual and expertise in several areas like Information Technology and Finance.

Universities are monitored to fulfill the needs of the changing society, preparing professionals with the highest international standards.

Outsourcing Costa Rica provides workers highly trainable and productive. Outsourcing Costa Rica main comparative advantages for attracting outsourcing services and high tech companies are to provide qualified technical expertise at a very good cost.

Outsourcing Costa Rica provides a good IT infrastructure, with 1.132 million telephones and 800,000 internet users, with a reliable energy production, mainly generated by hydroelectric.

Outsourcing Costa Rica is an ideal location to perform outsourcing services to US, with low-cost, good infrastructure, geographical and cultural proximity with US, few hours flying time and the support of the government for Outsourcing Costa Rica.

The standard of living is relative high, with a GDP growth of 5.6%, Outsourcing Costa Rica provides good economic freedom, an economy of expansion due to the strong technology industries and the quality of the Outsourcing Services provided.

Outsourcing represents a success history in Central America , due to the high exportations of software development and hardware. Intel has a facility in Costa Rica that produces high technical chips for computers with nearly 3,500 employees.

When Outsourcing Costa Rica the companies normally takes in consideration the decision that companies like Intel has made in the country, to invest million of dollars in a production of high technical chips that requires skilled professionals in several areas, with a level of expertise very specific.

The Human Capital makes an easy decision when Outsourcing Costa Rica, as you will have the best resources for a lower-cost in a country were the army was abolish and it has a democratic government. Outsourcing Costa Rica is the right choice!!!

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