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Outsourcing Costa Rica and DR-CAFTA

DR-CAFTA is the free trade agreement that five nations of Central America and Dominican Republic has signed with US, to increase trade and investments.

Outsourcing Costa Rica gets its benefits, as an increase in investments from US companies will be reflected. But before doing that, Costa Rica needs to change or implement new laws that are part of the free trade agreement and every country must implement it before doing it.

Outsourcing Costa Rica will get its benefits, as technology is the Costa Rica is the principal export. The treaty represents the first agreement on IP in the region. Outsourcing Costa Rica will be open to received competition, as currently the telecommunication is a monopoly from ICE, a government institution.

DR-CAFTA eliminates tariffs and open the markets in technology for US companies, that were protected before like the case of energy, telecommunications. The protection on IP systems is word-class. Treaty`s implementation positions Costa Rica to compete strongly with India and China in technology leverage.

DR-CAFTA expands patent protection for current laws in Costa Rica . The pharmaceutical and other outsourcing services will get strong benefits of the law adjustments.

Trademarks: are protected by the Costa Rican law and also, the DR-CAFTA demands strong position in terms of following law requirements. Outsourcing Costa Rica will get benefits, as the country is providing an atmosphere of investment and protection for doing business by outsourcing Costa Rica .

Currently copyrights are protected by law, and are being extended protection to dabases and also addressing other protections recommended by the treaty.

Outsourcing Costa Rica gets even stronger with the DR-CAFTA free trade agreement, the laws are getting word wide standards and the trade and investments including outsourcing services from US companies will provide more jobs and economical grow for the Region in Central America and Dominican Republic.

When the people think on Costa Rica it comes immediately beautiful beaches and a green country, but also technology is the appropriate word to describe the fact as the main export product currently in our country. Outsourcing Costa Rica makes sense, and the variety of outsourcing services are provided with quality by skilled labor.

The education systems, commitment to human rights and biodiversity are highly reputed, including outsourcing Costa Rica industry. Lower barriers shows why outsourcing Costa Rica is an empower strategy.


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