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Outsourcing Costa Rica –A powerful strategy

Outsourcing Costa Rica make sense, provides qualified labor at excellent cost, proximity with US, same time zone and the quality of the work, shows why Software Development and Outsourcing Services are the most dynamic areas in the country.

Workforce is considered a main attraction to start Outsourcing Costa Rica . The sector of software industry is considered one of the most dynamic areas, as Outsourcing Costa Rica host global important players in the industry such as Intel, Microsoft, Unisys and Oracle. With a workforce of nearly 25,000 Software Professionals, Outsourcing Costa Rica provides quality in Software Development due to the excellent Universities in the country and working experience that employees are obtaining in the field. Investments and strategically alliances are becoming a solid and robust platform in the software development area of Outsourcing Costa Rica, as provides excellent backgrounds in technical expertise for our industry.

An important amount of the population are English speaking citizens, as the ties with US companies are becoming more stronger every day, with the Outsourcing Services the frequent travels from both parts are incrementing stronger English commands without accent.

A fact to consider when Outsourcing Costa Rica, is that the country does not have Army, since it was abolished in 1948 with a long tradition of stable democracy. Costa Rica is a peaceful country with 4 Million habitants and one of the most stables economies in Latin America .

Outsourcing Costa Rica offers a strategically location with United States , as it is located in the Central of the America , with the same Central time zone in the US . Costa Rica has two international airports, one located in at a distance of 15 kilometers from San Jose and the other one, located in the Pacific Coast in Guanacaste. One fly can take an average of 3 hours from the major cities in US. Outsourcing Services in the same time zone provides an excellent opportunity to provide on-line collaboration and software development daily meetings. The model of communication is becoming a straight when Outsourcing Costa Rica, because many companies are looking to have same time development when requires all critical aspects to be resolve on the same day, as it gets into the critical path or needs urgent support.


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