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Every company wants to be free of the burden of paying the money which they owe to someone else. The payments to the suppliers in the time required are key deliverables of a healthy business.

Outsourcing Finance with accounts payable are key, because the process can be optimize to apply discounts, avoid penalties, services disruption and keep a good payment record.

Every company wants to be focus in their core competencies and accounts payable is a process within the outsourcing finance process that companies are implementing.

The outsourcing finance company can help to identify process improvements within the current accounts payable methodologies, also propose new solutions.

When doing outsourcing finance, you can ensure that the outsourcing finance company will follow the customer policy and the payments will be performed according to the following criteria: apply prompt payment discounts; apply exact invoice payment terms or urgent payment.

The service provided by the Outsourcing Finance company in accounts payable is excellent because they are completely dedicated to this process and the customer service satisfaction can be completed by following and reviewing bank confirmation of every payment, maintain suppliers data base and bank accounts updated and perform troubleshooting when issues comes.

The finance business process outsourcing company in charge of accounts payable, needs to have skilled employees with expertise in accounts payable and have good costumer service, since this job demands to have very good customer support and if one payment gets delay, the customer will be calling immediately asking for the prompt application of the payment. The finance business process outsourcing company needs to have a lot of order and procedures were established to avoid payment delays or wrong payments. Execution of payments needs to be followed by key metrics within the outsourcing finance SLA .

These key metrics will help to review if the payments are being performed according to the specifications. Outsourcing finance in accounts payable, is a task that represents a lot of sense to give it to a finance business process outsourcing company, as they are expenses that you want to pay in the specific period and will not add specific value, but the reputation and integrity of the customer is the reason way is an activity that has a tremendous impact in the organization.


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