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Outsourcing Finance Expertise

Driving the outsourcing finance operations needs an expert who understands and speaks the same finance language and know-how.

Outsourcing Finance in some processes like accounts payable, accounts receivable or general accounting requires the expertise of a finance business process outsourcing company that understand the particular way to running a business, the customer support and the appropriate expertise of employees in the specific business area.

Outsourcing Finance with Uthos, will drive for an excellent communication process with the customers and the final end clients. We look to improve the business efficiencies by providing answer that matter when talking about Outsourcing Finance.

One important aspect of growing for every company is to drive for innovation, we like to pursue for ideas that changes the way the current outsourcing finance process goes.

How do we do it? We drive for automation and B2B solutions within the outsourcing finance area, trying to automate small or medium processes by performing software development utilizing the current software platforms the customer has.

Our ideal is to have a happy customer, with automated tools that will simplify the way of doing business and also to accomplish productivity measurements not only by outsourcing, but also with technology tools like B2B and software development.

Changing processes is not simple, and it can not be done by a finance business process outsourcing company by itself, because the first changing drives needs, to come from our customer. B2B process automation within the outsourcing finance field requires also a separate budget for software development, but at the end the improvements in the overall operations drives in cost reduction.

Outsourcing finance is a decision that implies some questions, like confidentiality agreements, this is key because the confidential information needs to be treated also with authorization and password policies, VPNs, encrypted documentation. At Uthos we drive to outsource with confidence and we have implemented all these steps, to become your finance business process outsourcing company by excellence.

Driving outsourcing finance to the next level, is one of our goals, let us do your non-strategic business, leave it in the hand of the experts.


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