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Employee payroll is an extreme important process for every company, but it is not part of the core business. Outsourcing finance with payroll provides a good alternative for cost reduction and service improvement.

Payroll is an activity that requires extreme attention to detail and the deadline payments needs to be achieved on the required time. One way to obtain these achievements and reduce the current cost is to do outsourcing finance .

Salary payment calculation per employee requires special attention always, mostly with the sales workforce or other specific management employees that receives bonus per sales. Calculation of bonus, over time, weekend allowance, holidays, temporary employees, separations, call back worked hours, working shift schedules are part of the complexity that the outsourcing finance will have to manage.

Preparation of the bank wire transfer is part of the activities that can be performed by the outsourcing finance departments. Of course every payment needs to go over the required approval path, before go on. Social security tax, forms completion and data submission can be processed also within the outsourcing finance back office.

CFO`s are having a big pressure to increase company profitability, outsourcing finance provides the right approach with this strategy, as many of the top 500 companies are using this same approach by taking advantage of the outsourcing finance companies.

The accounting process of the transactions is another important step that requires time and it also requires a good level of detail. Finance business process outsourcing with payroll provides a complete business solution to your specific needs, it is the best case to have dedicated employees performing the job, as customer service needs to be included as an important routine of the day to day activity.

Among other type of jobs with payroll by outsourcing finance, we can create reports about employee attendance time, and the required reports about payroll information per department, per employee.

Finance business process outsourcing provides a very attractive cost reduction strategy as you can ensure that the payroll process will be in the expert's hands, while you reduce cost and obtain excellent customer satisfaction.

Uthos is a Finance business process outsourcing company, with the required expertise, we help you every step on the way to perform a powerful business strategy.


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