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Facing structural complexity and becoming a more productive Finance Department with less resources and more value added, is currently opening the window for Outsourcing Finance and process automation.

Certainly, there are operations within the Outsourcing Finance structure that requires the usage of a financial and controller software, but some operations are still being performed manually, that's exactly when the Business Technology can work closely.

Accounts Receivable with Outsourcing Finance is a good example on how automation can facilitate the work. One of your employees is responsible to send at least every month the updated accounts receivable statement to the customer. The employee needs to perform manually the email to every customer and attach the statement, but, what if; with the help of a non-expensive software development it can all be done with a simple click to a bottom; the Outsourcing Finance process will be automated. Let's talk about applying the customer payments to the outsourcing finance accounting system. You can currently receive the information about the payment and the invoice number and credit notes that needs to be applied for every payment by email. Your employee will need to perform manually the application at your accounting systems. But when you perform Finance Business Process Outsourcing all these processes can become automated by creating a specific web page slot where the customer with their password can select the invoices and debit notes that needs to be applied for a specific payment. When the customer submits the information, it can be automatically applied to your accounting system.

When a company decide to do Outsourcing Finance, it is important to start challenging the current process flow and identify improvement opportunities. This is a key factor to provide value added when Outsourcing Finance at all times, and finance B2B process automation is one of them.

Finance business process outsourcing automation requires a partner that is going to maintain all the Finance Controlling and Business Process Specifications at all times according to the clients needs. Maintaining this type of process controls when doing Outsourcing Finance it is not difficult, because the company needs to be specialized in Outsourcing Finance and all outsourcing employees needs to be fully trained in the written specification. Of course it is always important to have automated and software process controls that will keep the Outsourcing Finance operations on the parameters established and under the customers control. As an example all money transfer with Outsourcing Finance needs to be approved by the customer in the appropriate financial software and the finance business process outsourcing company will just execute.

In terms of looking for a partner of finance business process outsourcing you need to have the support of an expert; Uthos is your election.


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