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Software outsourcing is becoming a key element of success within the IT organization, as it provides cost driven efforts and great results.

One of the critical success factors of the outsourcing industry is the globalize word and the internet. With these two factors you can have an offshore software outsourcing partner working in a strategic location.

Software outsourcing requires pretty good communication tools; you need to provide the software outsourcing company with the feedback about the project requirements, changes and keep continues communication about the deliverables. When having mission critical projects with a limited time window, the communication because even more important.

Choosing the software company and its location will conduct to have a software outsourcing dedicated team working with similar hours or wait until next day to received results and talk to your outsourcing software team about technical requirements. The decision will depend on the companies strategy and business requirements.

A success software outsourcing requires having a very clear software development methodology that can be followed at all times. In the case of Uthos we can work using the customer's methodology or use our outsourcing software methodology.

Collaboration tools are needed to have real time communication at all times. The customer wants to have a software outsourcing dedicated team that can be reaching at all times.

When doing outsourcing software development is important to consider project management solutions as key deliverables. For project managers, the project cost and deliverables alignment, are top priorities of the project consistent successful. Having project management as the central point of contact for the software outsourcing development team, can take clear advantages by providing the results required and the right methodologies.

Software outsourcing success consists also in having an outsourcing team with skilled professionals, with the right expertise and experience required.

At Uthos we take very seriously the outsourcing software hiring process of our resources, by reviewing carefully the skills required by the customer, performing technical interviews, requesting references about the candidate and involving the customer in the decision taken process. The customer can perform interviews and even request technical exams prior the interview.


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