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Outsourcing software development life cycle

Like any other products, all are oriented towards the customer. Outsourcing software development life cycle is determined to accomplish 100% customer satisfaction and user friendly.

The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is a waterfall method that is being used by the outsourcing software development companies, that consist in the following activities:

  1. Systems engineering and modeling : the work starts by defining the requirements considering all elements to create powerful outsourcing software development strategy. Verify if the software most integrate with other elements such as people, hardware and other resources. Verify if the system is in place and if not, the system should by engineered. Once it is engineered the outsourcing software development team or project manager studies the new system requirements.
  2. Feasibility Study: the outsourcing software development team starts to study their current system identifying the possibility of software automation and improvements. In this process step it is important to receive a brain storming from the customer and workers about new ideas of process improvements in software outsourcing. At the end, a document needs to be presented with the recommendations for the new system, including time lines, project cost and headcount requirements. This is key when thinking to do B2B with an outsourcing software development team.
  3. Analysis and Design: starts with the identification of the client technology to be applied, number of tiers per package of architecture, data structural design. It is a critical step, as every thing has to be considered and included. The involvement of the customer viewing these steps is crucial to avoid glitch in the outsourcing software development stage, as it can cost a lot of money in the future.
  4. Code Generation: The outsourcing software development team of engineers will start creating the design in a detail matter, considering the technology that was already decided to be used. For coding it can be use C, C++, .Net, Java, Pascal, and other coding according to the customer requirements that the software development company can use.
  5. Testing: Identify the bugs and repair them is a critical step of the testing process. The outsourcing software development company can use the current testing tools or use their own testing procedures.

Software outsourcing provides all these methodologies to be followed, but also the customer can decide to use their current outsourcing software development methodologies. At Uthos we adapt our coding and methodologies in software outsourcing to the customer requirements. Software outsourcing in Costa Rica with Uthos make a powerful business strategy in terms of cost reductions and achieving great results.

Uthos is your best option for an offshore outsourcing software development partner.


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